How to Find Where The Sprinkler Lines Are? [Without Digging]

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  • Post last modified:December 27, 2022
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Have you ever wanted to find out where your sprinkler lines are located but thought the task was too daunting? Many people assume that finding their sprinkler lines means tedious and costly digging.

But there are actually multiple ways to track down your sprinkler lines without breaking up your yard with a shovel.

Let’s explore some of the options available for homeowners who want to find their sprinkler lines without the hassle.

Look for Clues in Your Yard

The first step toward discovering your sprinkler lines is looking for clues in your yard. Buried pipes and valves can sometimes be spotted simply by walking around and looking for them. You may find heads poking out of the ground, or—if you’re lucky—a line of geese leading you along.

Focus on any raised areas in the grass that may indicate buried equipment, and don’t forget to check around trees, flower beds, and other features that could obscure pipes or valves.

Explore Local Records

If you don’t spot anything useful while examining your yard, it’s time to explore the records of local utilities and permit issuers. This information is usually publicly available, so all you need is a bit of patience while searching through records at City Hall or online.

It’s also worth talking to former owners; they may have diagrams of past irrigation systems that can help you locate specific lines and valves, as well as provide valuable insight into how things were laid out when they owned the property.

Use Technology

If all else fails, try using technology! There are now apps like Sprinklr that use detection devices – such as soil moisture sensors – to scan your yard and show you exactly where the water lines are located without having to excavate anything.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more DIY approach, you can try tracing the pipes from the control system around your yard until they lead back underground again – just make sure not to miss any branches or turns!

Talk To Previous Owners

If all else fails, try talking to former owners who lived in your house prior to you moving in—they could be invaluable resources when it comes to locating hidden piping systems!

Previous homeowners may have knowledge or experience with past irrigation systems and can provide insight as to how they were set up and where certain valves and lines are located.

Trace Pipes from Control System

As a last resort, try tracing the pipes from the control system around your yard until you locate specific valves and sprinklers. This can be time-consuming but will generally yield results if done correctly—just make sure that each pipe is securely connected before proceeding further!

Plus, with newer technology like apps available at our fingertips, detecting devices can scan your yard and show you exactly where those elusive lines are hiding out!


All in all, there are plenty of ways to track down those pesky sprinkler lines without breaking out a shovel (or breaking the bank).

Start off by looking for clues in your yard; if that doesn’t do the trick, explore local records or talk with former owners; finally, take advantage of modern technology and apps like Sprinklr to help detect where exactly those water lines are located within minutes!

With these simple tricks at hand, it’s easy for anyone—even novice homeowners—to discover their hidden sprinkler lines without any fuss!