Can You Set Off a Fire Sprinkler With Your Bare Hands?

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  • Post last modified:December 25, 2022
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Have you ever heard someone say they can set off a fire sprinkler with their bare hands? It may sound like an urban legend, but the truth is that fire sprinklers are much more sophisticated and reliable than most people realize.

In this blog post, we will dive into the facts about fire sprinklers, and explain why it’s almost impossible to set one off with your fingers!

How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

Fire sprinklers are designed to be extremely sensitive to heat, and as such, they meet strict standards of reliability and accuracy.

That means even if someone were to touch or tap on the system, it’s unlikely to cause them to set off. This is because fire sprinkler systems use a network of heat sensors connected to nearby pipes.

The heat sensor triggers the release of water when temperatures reach beyond a certain point – usually between 135-165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Statistics on Fire Sprinkler Systems

According to data from leading industry sources, over 40% of commercial fires were successfully extinguished by home fire sprinkler systems in 2018 alone. This goes to show just how powerful and effective these systems can be in emergency situations.

Additionally, studies have shown that having a fire sprinkler system installed can reduce property damage by up to 71%, compared with structures without any form of protection from fires.

Are Fire Sprinklers Dependable?

Absolutely! Fire sprinklers are carefully inspected before installation so that they are able to function correctly when needed most – during an emergency situation.

Furthermore, these systems require regular maintenance checks every 3-5 years depending on local laws – ensuring dependability each time they’re used.


It may sound like an old wives tale but touching a fire sprinkler system is not going to cause them to set off – no matter how hard you try!

Thanks for tuning into this blog post about the safety features behind fire sprinkler systems and why it takes more than just your fingers or even an open flame to activate them these days!

They really do save lives each year – proving once again that when it comes down to it -fire safety is never a laughing matter!