Should You Run Sprinklers After Fertilizing?

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  • Post last modified:December 29, 2022
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Fertilizing your lawn is an important part of keeping it healthy and beautiful. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s not enough to just spread the fertilizer – you also need to water it in properly.

That’s where sprinklers come in. Sprinklers are a convenient and effective way of getting the most out of your fertilizer, and here are five reasons why you should run yours after fertilizing.

Reasons to Run Your Sprinklers After Fertilizing

Increased Effectiveness:

Studies have shown that watering in fertilizer can increase the effectiveness of the treatment by up to 50%! So by running your sprinklers after fertilizing, you’re not only maintaining a healthy lawn, but you’re also getting the most bang for your buck.

Better Root Growth:

Properly watered-in fertilizer helps grass roots grow deeper and stronger, so they can absorb more nutrients from the soil and better withstand hot summer weather.

Reduced Runoff:

Fertilizer that isn’t properly watered can wash away into storm drains or nearby bodies of water, polluting them with chemical runoff. Running your sprinklers ensures that all of the fertilizer absorbs into the ground instead of washing away.

Reduced Weed Growth:

Another benefit of watering-in fertilizer is that it reduces weed growth by limiting nutrients available to weeds while still providing ample nourishment for your grass plants.

Faster Results:

Finally, running your sprinklers after fertilizing means faster results for you – no waiting around for days or weeks for your treatment to take effect!


Whether you want a greener lawn or just want to get more out of your fertilizer treatments, running sprinklers after fertilizing is definitely something worth considering. Especially if you’re looking at saving money on costly treatments down the line!

With these five reasons in mind, why not give it a try? You just might be surprised at how much healthier and greener your lawn looks afterward!