How Often Does a Sprinkler System Need Inspection?

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  • Post last modified:December 29, 2022
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It’s time to start thinking about getting your sprinkler system ready for the upcoming irrigation season. But how often should you have your system inspected by a professional? The answer might surprise you!

Regular inspections are key to maintaining your sprinkler system and keeping it in tip-top shape. Read on to learn more about why regular sprinkler inspections are so important and how often they should be done.

Why Regular Inspections Are Important

Having a professional inspect your sprinkler system at least once a year can help to identify any potential problems that may be affecting the performance of the system.

This includes checking for leaks, clogs, or other issues that could cause water waste or damage to your property. During an inspection, the technician will also check for proper coverage and adjust the sprinkler heads as needed.

They may also recommend any improvements that could help make your system run more efficiently, such as installing water-saving devices or adjusting the timer settings.

How Often Should I Have My System Inspected?

It is recommended that you have your sprinkler system inspected at least once a year—preferably before the start of the irrigation season when you will be using it most often.

This will ensure that everything is working properly and there are no issues that need to be addressed before running your sprinklers.

If you notice any problems with your sprinkler system throughout the year, you should schedule an inspection right away to prevent any further damage or costly repairs down the road.


Regular maintenance and inspections of your sprinkler system are key to ensuring its proper operation and efficiency.

By having a professional inspect it at least once a year, you can help prolong its life span while also saving money on water bills due to unnecessary water waste from faulty equipment or incorrect settings.

So don’t forget—set up an appointment today with a local irrigation specialist! Your lawn (and wallet!) will thank you!  ​