How Long to Run Sprinkler on New Sod? [A Guide for the Green Thumbed]

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  • Post last modified:December 28, 2022
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Congratulations! You’ve laid down your new sod and you’re eager to get it rooted so that your lawn can start looking lush and green.

But how long should you run the sprinkler after laying down new sod? The answer is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Let’s take a look at how long to run a sprinkler after laying down new sod, what the experts say, and how diligent monitoring of your grass can help you maintain a healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

How Long Should I Run My Sprinkler After Laying Down New Sod?

According to experts, you should run your sprinkler for an hour for the first three days after laying down new sod. This allows the roots to take in enough water and get a good start.

After those few weeks, you can cut back significantly while still ensuring that your beautiful sod is getting all the moisture it needs.

Diligent monitoring has shown that spending only 15-20 minutes on the sprinkler per day can help maintain lush green grass throughout the growing season.

Why Is It So Important To Water Your Lawn After Laying Down New Sod?

Watering your lawn is important because it helps keep roots moist and prevents them from drying out too quickly, which could then lead to stunted growth or even death in certain areas of grass.

Additionally, proper watering encourages strong root growth which will help reduce weed invasions in your newly laid turf as well as retain water more efficiently over time.

Finally, regular watering also helps promote more even growth of new grass blades which leads to a fuller, healthier looking lawn over time.

Monitoring Your Sprinklers For Successful Growth

As with any project involving plants, success comes with diligent monitoring and caretaking of your project. Monitoring your sprinklers will help ensure that your turf gets all the water it needs without becoming oversaturated or too dry.

You can monitor this by using soil moisture sensors or manual measurements like checking if footprints are left behind when walking on damp grass or feeling how wet/dry the soil is when touched with fingers or toes (that’s why they make rain boots!).

These methods will help ensure that all areas of turf are receiving adequate amounts of water without wasting precious resources on oversaturating areas or causing dry spots due to underwatering.


Watering newly laid sod correctly is essential for successful growth and a healthy lawn; however, simply running your sprinklers on autopilot isn’t enough!

Following experts’ advice—to run an hour for three days initially followed by 30 minutes daily until established—can give you a great starting point but ultimately keeping an eye on soil moisture levels through manual measurements will be key for successful lawn maintenance throughout the growing season!

By following these tips, you’ll have a beautiful green space in no time!