How Long Do You Keep Sprinkler on?

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  • Post last modified:December 28, 2022
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Just like in Goldilocks, you have to get the timing just right when it comes to watering your lawn. Watering your lawn too little can leave it looking dry and dull while overwatering can cause problems with overgrowth, disease, and costly water bills.

So how do you know when to turn off the sprinklers?

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Research suggests that an average lawn requires 1 inch or more of water per week in order to stay healthy. Depending on how often you turn on the sprinklers and what type of soil you have, it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours for a single zone to get this amount of water.

That’s why it’s important to know exactly how long your sprinkler system runs—you don’t want to be using more water than necessary!

The Best Approach Is To Use A Timer System

The best way to ensure that your lawn is getting enough water without wasting any is by using a timer system. A timer system allows you to set the exact amount of time that you want the sprinklers to be running for each zone.

This will help keep your lawn looking lush and green without over-watering or under-watering. Studies have shown that 15-30 minutes is sufficient for most gardens; this amount of time allows water to penetrate deep into the soil so that the roots can benefit from nutrients.

If you opt for a shorter duration, consider adding mulch or other organic material around each plant bed—this will help retain moisture in the soil and reduce evaporation rates.

Another important factor when deciding how long to keep your sprinkler on is weather conditions. If it’s raining outside, then obviously there’s no need to run your sprinkler system as nature will provide adequate amounts of moisture for your lawn and plants.

Likewise, during periods of hot weather with little rain, you might need to leave the system running longer than usual depending on how quickly certain areas dry out.

Paying attention and making occasional adjustments based on local weather patterns can ensure each area gets just enough water without wasting any extra resources!


It may seem like an unnecessary step at first, but having a timer system in place can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and looking great without wasting too much water or money.

With some careful consideration and planning, you’ll be able to figure out exactly how long your sprinkler should be running in order to give your plants (and wallet) just what they need!