How Are Sprinkler Valves Wired?

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  • Post last modified:December 26, 2022
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When you think of the phrase “water wise”, what comes to mind? Sprinkler valves are an important component of any lawn or garden and having a proper understanding of how they’re wired is key to keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy.

Let’s learn more about sprinkler valves and their wiring in this guide!

Sprinkler Valves – The Basics

Sprinkler valves are designed to be wired in either a series or parallel connection, with most systems being wired in parallel. This means that each zone is individually controlled and not dependent on the other zones for its operation.

Series connections don’t allow for individual zone control as all zones open at once. It’s important to understand the difference between series and parallel connections when planning your sprinkler system setup.

Wiring for a sprinkler system starts at the Central Control Valve, which is located in the irrigation control box. From there, the wires run underground connecting each valve together so they are open and close as directed by the controller or as manually handled by an operator.

Depending on your sprinkler needs and house/building size, there can be 1-8 wires per zone connection. All properly functioning sprinkler valves must be 24-volt transformers connected to function properly and require two wires (one black & one white).

What You Can Do With Sprinklers Valves

Sprinkler valves help quench an area’s thirst using precision accuracy and thoughtful planning.

In addition to watering lawns, they can be used for

  1. irrigation systems like drip emitters
  2. bubblers
  3. micro sprays
  4. rotors and spray heads
  5. home fire protection
  6. chemical injection
  7. cooling systems
  8. fogging systems
  9. dust suppression
  10. water features
  11. ice rinks
  12. swimming pools
  13. showerheads & showers
  14. fountains & waterfalls
  15. hot tubs & spas
  16. the list goes on


Whether you need a basic setup for your home lawn or something more technical for a commercial building site, understanding how sprinkler valves are wired is essential for any successful irrigation project.

With this guide in hand, you now have all of the information you need to get started with wiring your way toward greener pastures!