Can You Mow Over Sprinkler Heads? [Here’s What To Know]

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  • Post last modified:December 25, 2022
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Don’t let the green grass fool you; mowing the lawn comes with a few risks. One of those risks is the chance of damaging a sprinkler head. If you mow over a sprinkler head, there’s a good chance it’ll get broken or ruined.

The average cost for replacing an incorrectly mowed sprinkler head is around $50-75 USD, so it pays to know why and how to avoid this mistake.

Why You Should Avoid Mowing Over Sprinkler Heads

Mowing over a sprinkler head can cause broken pipes and damaged sprinkler heads due to excess pressure from cutting them with blades. Additionally, mowing too close around these pipes can cause blockage of water flow which decreases the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Although modern sprinklers are robustly designed, it’s never a good idea to purposely mow directly over a sprinkler head; excessive pressure can lead to long-term damage and expensive repairs!

It is common for damage to occur to sprinkler heads when mowing over them, including broken pieces that have been forced into the ground by the force of the blades or even displacement of the entire unit away from its original location.

What To Do Instead

The best way to protect your lawn and your wallet is by avoiding any contact between your lawnmower and your sprinklers altogether. As you’re mowing your lawn, be aware of where your sprinklers are located and plan accordingly when navigating around them.

If you can’t avoid running over one, make sure that you turn off all water supply lines before doing so – this will reduce the amount of pressure applied on the pipe as well as prevent any further damage from occurring if something were to break during operation.

Additionally, always ensure that your blades are sharpened before starting up your lawnmower – dull blades will create more friction when coming in contact with hard surfaces like concrete or metal piping which could potentially cause more harm than necessary!


Mowing isn’t just about getting that perfect cut on your lawn; it’s also about making sure that all parts of your landscape remain safe while doing so!

While it may seem like an easy task to just run right over any obstacles in sight, remember that running over any type of pipe or home fixture can result in costly repairs and replacements if done incorrectly.

When in doubt, always steer clear of areas where water pipes may be present – better safe than sorry! With proper knowledge and care, you can easily maintain both a beautiful-looking lawn as well as an efficient irrigation system without having to worry about inadvertently causing any damage along the way.