Can Sprinkler Heads Be Moved? [Everything You Need To Know]

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  • Post last modified:December 24, 2022
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Are you looking to switch up your watering times or move the sprinkler heads around for better coverage? You’re in luck! It is possible to rearrange sprinkler heads and if done correctly, it can help optimize the irrigation coverage of your lawn.

However, before you start tinkering around, be sure to always read the manual and research local water restrictions that might limit how much movement you can do with your sprinkler system.

Let’s break down what else you need to know about moving sprinkler heads.

How To Move Sprinkler Heads

Moving sprinkler heads isn’t as simple as just relocating them from one spot to another – it may require you to purchase and install additional tubing and connectors.

The type of heads is also a factor; fixed sprays are usually connected directly to the source line, while rotary nozzles typically have flexible plastic hoses that connect them to the source line.

If you decide to move these types of nozzles, make sure that you keep the hose length equal on both sides so that water pressure remains even throughout your system.

In addition, when moving fixed spray heads, check for any obstructions that may prevent them from getting full 360-degree coverage when turned on. This can include fences, trees, or anything else that might be in its way when spraying its designated area.

Depending on your setup and the number of adjustments you plan on making, consider investing in a professional who will ensure proper irrigation coverage for each area of your lawn.

Local Water Restrictions

When moving sprinkler heads around your lawn, don’t forget about local water restrictions – they will play an important role in how much movement you can do with your sprinkler system.

Be sure to check with local authorities prior to making any changes and always look out for any new regulations regarding lawn care during periods of drought or water shortages.

If these restrictions apply in your state or district, then there’s a good chance that they will also affect their ability to move sprinklers around without repercussions from law enforcement or other regulatory agencies.

Conclusion: Moving Sprinkler Heads Is Easier Than You Think!

As long as you plan ahead and take into account all necessary factors (like local water restrictions), moving sprinkler heads around should be quite simple!

Just remember not only to buy the required materials but also read through user manuals carefully so that all adjustments are made properly and safely – this should help ensure optimal irrigation coverage for each area of your lawn!

With a little bit of planning and research, rearranging your sprinklers can be hassle-free!