Can a Plumber Become a Sprinkler Fitter?

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  • Post last modified:December 23, 2022
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It’s no secret that the plumbing trade is one of the most in-demand and lucrative trades around. But did you know that with a bit of extra training, plumbers can become sprinkler fitters too?

In fact, 37% of the current sprinkler fitting workforce were once plumbers. With more and more certification programs available to help bridge the gap between these two trades, now’s a great time to explore the possibilities!

Perfectly Positioned for Success

Plumbers often come preloaded with many of the technical skills needed for success in sprinkler fitting. They already have knowledge of water systems and piping, as well as experience in installations, repairs, and maintenance.

What’s more, their experience working onsite builds customer service skills that are essential for success in any industry. All these core skills position them perfectly to take on a career as a sprinkler fitter.

The next step is to complete additional training courses to fill in some key gaps in knowledge.

Courses such as NFPA 13 & 14 standards – which deal with residential fire protection systems – along with local codes and regulations will give them an edge when it comes to understanding what’s required for the successful installation and maintenance of sprinklers.

Furthermore, courses on testing and inspection procedures provide an important foundation for ensuring compliance with all relevant standards for both residential and commercial customers alike.

Rising Demand

As we move into 2021 and beyond, there has never been more demand for qualified professionals who understand both plumbing and fire protection systems – making this a great time to make the switch from plumber to sprinkler fitter.

Technological advances such as connected fire alarm systems only add to this demand – requiring professionals who understand how these systems work together seamlessly across multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, and even residential homes.


With clear pathways available via certification programs designed specifically by industry experts just for plumbers-turned-sprinkler fitters; plus high demand from customers looking for integrated solutions; now is definitely an opportune time to explore becoming a certified sprinkler fitter!

With some extra knowledge under your belt, you can confidently convert from plumber to sprinkler fitter – helping you take your career up a notch while ensuring your customers get the best results possible!