Can Dogs Eat Sprinklers? [Everything You Should Know]

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  • Post last modified:December 23, 2022
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It’s a classic summer scene: kids running through the sprinkler, playing in the sunshine, and having a great time. But what happens when your pup gets curious and decides he wants to join in on the fun?

Can dogs eat sprinklers? The short answer is no—but let’s explore why.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Sprinklers?

To understand why dogs can’t eat sprinklers, you have to look at their composition. Sprinklers are made of metal and plastic, which are not digestible by dogs and can cause blockages or other digestive issues if ingested.

In addition, most sprinklers are also coated with chemicals such as epoxy or PVC, which can be toxic to dogs if ingested.

Your dog may be tempted to try a bite of a sprinkler due to its interesting shape and texture, but this is something that should be avoided at all costs.

If your dog has accidentally eaten a piece of a sprinkler or any other foreign object, you need to contact your veterinarian immediately for advice on how to proceed.

Some veterinarians may recommend doing an x-ray or taking other preventative measures to ensure that the object isn’t lodged in your dog’s digestive tract before it causes any serious damage.


All in all, it’s clear that dogs shouldn’t eat sprinklers! While they may seem like fun playthings for your pup, they pose some serious risks if ingested—so make sure you keep them out of your pup’s reach!

If you think that your dog has eaten a piece of plastic or metal from a broken sprinkler head, don’t hesitate to contact your vet for more information about how best to proceed.

Keeping these safety tips in mind will help ensure that both you and your pup enjoy many more carefree days spent playing in the summer sun!